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Your images need to be printed!

As a parent myself, I know how busy you are. I want to help you maximize your time with your family end ensure that these precious images (that very well may be the last professional images you have of your kid until they get married!) are printed and displayed in the most perfect way in your home.  I don't just want to give you digital images and leave you to figure out what to do with them - I want to help you in the selection process so the images you love best are showcased just the way you want them. I think we all want to be the mom that takes hours to design the cute picture books or makes the fun wall collage from nothing but cardboard, mod podge, and tears, but the truth is, we just don't have the time for that! I want to help create these products for you and hand deliver them so that is one less thing on your to do list. The heirloom products that I offer are an amazing way to enjoy your images everyday and for decades! Check out some of my favorite products that I offer below.



Albums are a great way to show off many images from your session. Because seniors and families tend to love so many images that we created together at their session, the album is a fabulous way to showcase all these gorgeous images in an heirloom product that will last for decades. With many cover and design options, this best selling product is the perfect way to showcase your images in a unique, one of a kind way!

Image Boxes


Like an album, an Image Box is the perfect way to showcase several of your favorite images. This beautiful keepsake box is a gorgeous and convenient way to store your prints. You can display the images on an easel or in a frame and swap them out when you feel like it and know that the others are protected in their box. Sometimes having your images loose and unbound fits your needs better and an Image Box is a beautiful way to showcase your favorite images from your session.

The image box also comes with a gorgeous silver and crystal USB to hold the digital copies of the images selected to be in the box. There are also several matting and mounting options for your images to make sure that this beautiful product meets your needs perfectly. 

Matte Prints


I offer my clients professionally printed matte prints as another gorgeous option in showcasing images. These come mounted or matted as 5x7 or 8x10 prints so that you can put them in your favorite frame or share them with friends and family. I absolutely love the unique matte finish to these prints and I know you will love these so much you will want to share them with everyone! 

Wall Art


Almost every one of my families wants to have that perfect image for the wall since these milestone images are often the ones that we want to display proudly in our homes for decades. To fit this need, I offer a standout image in each of my product collections. These standouts are a light weight, ready to hang image similar to a canvas but with a beautifully clear, crisp image that isn't impacted by the canvas texture. Some families will select one image to use for the standout but others prefer to do a 3, 4, or even 9 image collage on the single standout. Even still, sometimes selecting multiple images to go on multiple standouts can create the perfect display in your home. The options are endless and I look forward to helping you plan the wall art look that fits your family's needs. 

So what the heck does all this cost?

I am going to shoot it to you straight - this is an investment. But I can confidently say that this is more than just capturing a few images of your kid smiling. These are images that are full of personality, an experience that is life giving, and products that allow you to be able to see their face everyday in your home, even if they leave the state for college. But I am someone who needs to see the numbers and I hate it when I am surprised so I promise to be transparent with you and shoot it to you straight. 


My Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience has a session fee of $250 which includes the time to plan and photograph the session as well as a Reveal Meeting to view your senior slide show and decide how you want to show off your favorites from the session. Print collections start at $600 and product collections start at $1200. These collections include options to have final edited images if you are wanting those more than products. 

I will be available at the Reveal Meeting to help you sort your images and decide on what products you all love but you will also have the option and convenience of selecting and paying for your collection and then you can take some time on your own as a family to decide what images you love best and what products will best showcase your senior.  


Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience

$250 to book your session

Reveal Meeting

1-2 weeks after the session

Decide on a collection that best fits your family needs beginning at $1200.

I am excited to show you these products at our consultation so you can see just how beautiful they are and start thinking about which options will meet your needs best. I am confident that we will be able to select the perfect products to showcase the gorgeous images from your session! If you haven't set up your consultation yet, get in touch with me here below. I am looking forward to talking with you soon! 

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