• Larissa Clark

Fort Collins Colorado Senior Photographer | Jessie - Class of 2017

I remember seeing a photo of Jessie and thinking, oh that hair! As I emailed back and forth and then met with Jess, I became even more excited to capture some images of her. With that gorgeous red hair and a wonderful personality, it was really easy to capture beautiful photos of her! Not only that but she brought with her a great, laid back style and a comfortable demeanor in front of the camera. Not all of us are blessed with that confidence and sometimes we are totally just faking it but regardless, this girl really rocked her session!

Being a senior in Fort Collins, Colorado over at Rocky Mountain High School, it was important to Jessie to incorporate Old Town into her photos. We ended up running around in some back alleys and found some awesome spots! The weather was just perfect and the warm spring day just added some great light to the photos!

After our urban shoot, we wanted to capture a softer side of Jessie so we went out west of town and found some grasses that were catching the golden sunlight. Jessie was such a trooper as the mud was a bit out of control. Regardless, I love the fresh, vibrant, free spirit side of Jessie that we were able to capture in these images.

Through this shoot I learned a lot about who Jessie is: she has a quiet confidence about her, a bit of a wild heart, and she is completely beautiful inside and out. I loved that these traits show through in her photos. Not everyone graduating high school played sports or was a huge part of a club or was known for some big achievement. Sometimes its those perfect everyday moments that shaped us and helped us become who we are, it's the friends we found along the way, the memories that were made, and a home that will always be important. Senior year is a great time to reflect on high school. It's a time to soul search to figure out who you are and what you love and what that means for your future. It's the beginning of a beautiful journey to finding out who you truly are.

I heard it said once that the hardest and most rewarding thing we can ever do is stop trying to be someone else and just be the person you are. Being true to oneself isn't just a cliché thing everyone says but the deepest truth in our being - we all have a purpose, we were all created to be exactly who we are, and we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. These beautiful truths help shape our decisions and our futures and at a time when seniors are graduating, it just becomes more and more apparent to me that being YOU is the greatest thing you can do!

And that is one of the many reasons why I love what I do - I get to capture YOU! I am so excited to walk alongside the amazing Class of 2017 and capture images that embrace who you are and celebrate what you have accomplished and whisper of a great future. If you are in need of senior pictures, do not wait! Lets go out and capture some images that are just SO YOU!

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