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Johnstown Colorado Senior Photography | Everett, Class of 2017

The first impression I had of Everett was pretty much name envy. I mean, Everett? So cool! And as I have gotten to know her, "cool" is such a good word for her! When we were planning her session out and she threw the word "grunge" around, I knew I had found someone who was going to desire a unique and personalized shoot and that is so what I am all about!

Everett will be graduating from Roosevelt High School in Johnstown, Colorado here next year and I loved that she wanted to stick to downtown Johnstown for her photos. We were looking for that urban, alleyway feel and I was so ecstatic to find that there is quite some charm in downtown Johnstown! We found a great back alley to really showcase Everett's style and personality.

As we began shooting, I soon realized that Everett was a real natural in front of the camera. That is not a necessity when capturing senior pictures but I think since she had full control over what she wanted to wear and where we were shooting, she just felt more comfortable. She was able to be totally Everett and I think the product is just amazing!

We finished up the shoot our at a nearby lake in Windsor and were able to capture a more beachy feel that her mom was hoping for. They even brought with them a vintage suitcase that was passed down to Everett and I think the symbolism is just perfect for this part of life. Seniors are planning their own grand adventure with college or work or other journeys and it is such a time of dreaming!

I am so excited to share with you this amazingly beautiful member of the Class of 2017 and there will be more to come as well as we showcase some of Everett's athletic and artistic side. I hope her confidence inspires you to make sure that your senior photos are ones that are just SO YOU! Lets go out and celebrate all you have accomplished and all you have set out to become. The best thing we can do is make sure your photos shout to the world who you are - and trust me, we will have fun doing so! Check out the Senior Page for more information and to book your senior session today! Let's go rock it!

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