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Loveland Senior Photographer | Mateo - Loveland High School, Class of 2018

One of the best things ever is when my teaching career and my photography business cross paths by giving me the opportunity to capture images of my students. This year is a special one because my last class of high school students that I taught are all now entering into their senior year. Not only is it kinda crazy that time has gone that fast but even more so it is so fun to get to catch up with these students.

Mateo is a great example of this. He was an excellent, hardworking, smart, kind student in my class as a freshman and while he has grown up into quite an amazing young man, those fine qualities have only been magnified and multiplied. It was so fun to capture some of his easygoing personality up at one of his favorite Northern Colorado locations, Horsetooth Reservoir.

Mateo is just soooo cool. Not only is he a great person and excellent student, but he also is quite the athlete as well as a super cool DJ. I mean, how amazing is that resume? He is just a well rounded and talented senior and showcasing all that greatness was definitely a lot of fun!

I had a little bit of self inflicted pressure when it came to Mateo's session. When we sat down at his consultation his dad talked a lot about capturing something pretty epic-ally Colorado. Mateo and his family were in the process of moving to the Midwest and so it was important to capture Colorado for them as a parting gift and a way to remember their home. I really wanted to do that as well as I could. The weather made it tricky and forced us to complete our session in the morning rather than evening but even still, I really tried to get as much of Mateo and Colorado as I could in this session.

A huge thank you to Mateo and family for allowing me to capture this time in your life. I would wish you luck, but I know that is so not needed. You are going to rock at your new school and I look forward to getting to see you when you come back to visit!

If you are looking for some fall senior portraits, lets get together and chat! Contact me today!

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