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Loveland Colorado Senior Photographer | Hallie's Urban Cheerleading Session - Loveland High Scho

When Hallie and her mom contacted me to plan out her session, we decided to meet for coffee to chat. It was a little tricky to coordinate our schedules with such a busy senior but we were able to sneak in a quick meeting. It was clear we wanted a little urban mixed with some Colorado outdoors and then highlighting her cheerleading was important. I was pretty excited as this was a lot of fun stuff to include in a senior session. Another fun aspect was we added hair and makeup to Hallie's session and I was just IN LOVE with her look. Add in the perfect set of different outfits and we have all we need to highlight Hallie's natural beauty, awesome personality, and favorite hobbies.

Seriously though, didn't Hallie just totally nail it? I know not all seniors are super excited to get in front of the camera. I mean, it can be pretty uncomfortable and awkward sitting there, smiling at this lady holding a camera. The whole experience can leave a senior feeling vulnerable and worried if they will do okay in front of the camera or not or if they will like any of the images. Sometimes there is that fear that a lot of the voices in their head or things that they see in social media that tell them that they have to look a certain way or be this or that, there is this fear that those voices might be right about them. I just love that what I get to do with my seniors is step away from all those voices and focus on the truth. I love that I get to help my seniors see just how beautiful and unique and amazing they are.

It was so rewarding to not only plan out Hallie's session, but to go out a create these images and watch the uncomfortable feelings melt away. It was so cool to walk out of our reveal session knowing that there were images we created together that she was proud of, that she liked, and that she would have as a reminder as to how incredible she really is. This job is just so amazing!

Thank you, Hallie, for allow me to capture these with you! Thank you for putting up with my goofiness and for being willing to put yourself out there -- the results are gorgeous. YOU are gorgeous, girl!

If you are looking to book your senior session, lets chat so we can plan out the perfect, custom session for your senior and give them the amazing self confidence boosting experience of creating gorgeous images. This experience could be the most rewarding and life giving experience during this stage in life. I can't wait to talk here soon!

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