• Larissa Clark

Greeley Senior Photographer | Korttney's Urban Senior Session - Class of 2020, UHS

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Korttney and she is pretty much amazing! I think she may be a part of every club and sport at her school and she does so with a ton of humility and grace. Keep your eye on her because she is not only a go-getter but she is a world changer! I feel so honored to be able to not only photograph seniors like Korttney but I get to know them, get to celebrate huge successes with them, and walk alongside them during their senior year.

This is especially true for Korttney since she was on my Senior VIP team. I met her as a Junior and got to design a perfect session for her, chat more about college and her goals. I got to celebrate with her when she was selected as Colorado Distinguished Young Lady and as the college acceptance letters have come in. It's such an honor to be able to walk alongside and celebrate all the amazing facets of who she is. It may be a main part of my job to create beautiful images of her but I also love that I get to take the time to speak to who she is and make sure she knows that those of us who see and know her, know that what is inside is valuable and what she can offer the world, is amazing.

Korttney's family was so sweet in their words for her so I wanted to share some of the things they said about Korttney as well.

Korttney is very smart, level headed, passionate and beautiful inside and out. Korttney's greatest attribute is how hard working she is. - Brittney (sister)

The most inspiring thing about Korttney is how she pushes though the tough times. When she gets knocked down she gets back up. - Brittney (sister)

I love that Korttney is a leader and not a follower! She chooses the path of what’s right! Korttney is a kind and loving person to everyone she meets and would help anyone. - Kimberley (mom)

Korttney is Beautiful, intelligent, hardworking, a leader with everything she sets her mind to. - Ray (dad)

Korttney is a very outgoing and down to earth young lady who has always worked hard and had fun while doing it. She is honest, inspiring, fun to be around, and so beautiful on the inside and out! - Khaira (cousin)

If you are interested in celebrating and honoring all that your senior is by not only creating beautiful images together but also speaking to the incredible person that they are becoming, I would love to share more about what I do. You can head over to my website and read more or you can always fill out the contact form below. I can't wait to talk more with you soon!



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