• Larissa Clark

Northern Colorado Senior Photographer | Adalyn's Dash of Yellow Session - Class of 2020 - RHS

For Adalyn's session, we knew we had to include yellow since it was her favorite color and that we needed to highlight dance since that has always been such an important and huge part of her life. We decided to use some areas in Old Town Fort Collins and then some open space and the river near by. The result gave us a ton of variety and allowed for Addy's different sides to show including her hardworking, and seriously dedicated side, her fun loving, feisty side, and everything in between.

Adalyn's session really highlighted how you can take the same location but use it in a new way.

We were able to go to a very popular location and make sure that it had a unique take on it. Old Town Fort Collins is such an amazing back drop for senior portraits and even though its used by so many seniors, all the different nooks and crannies provide so many different looks.

One of my favorite thing's about Addy's session is that she brought her entourage. Her little brother and sister were there and helped hold balloons and other props. Her dad was there and a huge help as well. Addy's mom also came and joined us later. It was fun to include the entire family as a part of the session and it really helped Addy feel at ease. Some of my seniors prefer to bring just one family member or a friend and some bring the whole crew.

I always say that we only want those who will help the senior feel relaxed and themselves at the session so that means different things for different seniors but if we are able to find the right balance then it really makes the session relaxed, fun, and comfortable and that means we get even more amazing images.

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