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Northern Colorado Tween Photographer | Caroline and Grace - Windsor, CO Tweens

I am so excited to introduce a new genre I am pretty in love with: Tweens! You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a "Tween"? Well, simply put, they are adolescents, ages 10-17 or so, and they are one of my favorite age groups. To put it in perspective, they are completely stuck right in between being a child and an adult. They have big dreams, emotions, and passions but are not quite able to function at that adult level. Its a tricky, crazy, confusing world right there in between it all! Basically if they are in their most challenging and life changing time of their life, that awful middle school time period, then that is exactly who I am talking about. Ya, I may be crazy, but I love those complex, crazy tweens! To put it in their terms, they’re my jam.

If you are the parent of one of these mystery beings, then you know how it is. As a middle school science teacher, I see them in my classroom and hallway every school day but you know their heart even more as you see them with bedhead, bad attitudes, and those crazy eye lashes you have always admired. You KNOW them! You have watched them learn to navigate this world and I am sure you have noticed how they have just grown up overnight!

From my perspective as both a teacher and a photographer, I think this time in life is one of the most monumental and least documented. We might take some cell phone snapshots or purchase those awkward school photos but outside of that, we really miss capturing the growth and beauty during this short span of time. It is my hope that I can help freeze this crazy time in life in some amazing photos that will be cherished for decades.

A Tween Session with me is first a foremost laidback. Your adolescent does not want some stuffy lady telling them how to sit and smile or anything fake and awkward and I am dedicated to getting them comfortable and capturing images that are so them! There is this amazing and innocent confidence that you might have noticed in your 10 year old daughter and before she is told to question that, it's important to capture that look in her eye! If your daughter is older and questioning everything about herself, I find it is critical to get her in front of my camera to help her see just how beautiful she really is! And let's not leave out those boys! They are anything but cute at this age and heaven forbid we call them “cute”! But we can capture that true smile and take some photos with something that they are passionate about. (And we can always bribe them a little too!)

These Tween Sessions are just so intriguing to me and I am really excited to continue to offer these shoots. But for now, I would love to share Miss Caroline and Miss Grace - they ROCKED their tween session and were even bribed into taking a few sister shots together. I just love how these images captured them - Caroline in her gorgeous confidence, rocking that red lipstick and willing to show a tender side of herself. And then sweet and kind Grace, with that pure smile and gentle spirit. Such beautiful sisters and I am so excited that they will have these images to capture these Tween years!

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