AGES 13-17

Being a teen these days can be really tricky and despite all the attitude they are one of my favorite age groups. They are completely stuck right in between being a child and an adult; they have big dreams, emotions, and passions but are not quite able to function at that adult level. Its a tricky, crazy, confusing world right there in between it all! Basically if they are in their most challenging and life changing time of their life, that awful middle school time period, then that is exactly who I am talking about. Ya, I may be crazy, but I love those complex, crazy teens! To put it in their terms, they’re my jam. From my perspective as both a teacher and a photographer, I think this time in life is one of the most monumental and least documented. We might take some cell phone snapshots or purchase those awkward school photos but outside of that, we really miss capturing the growth and beauty during this short span of time. It is my hope that I can help freeze this crazy time in your child's life in some amazing images and products that you will have for decades and ones that those angsty teenagers will be proud of displaying around your home.

Now taking applicants for the exclusive photography experience for kids ages 10-15 aimed to create the opportunity for them to hear how wonderful and unique they are. Indoor sessions are limited so book yours today so we can give your teen the opportunity to see how amazing they are. 

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