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My name is Larissa and I want to walk alongside you as you jump feet first into senior year so we can capture this milestone in the most perfect way! 

Hello there!

Maybe you have found yourself looking up local photographers in a state of disbelief (how could time have past this quickly??!) or maybe it's with some serious relief that you made it (we all have those days were we wonder what the heck we are doing with these teenagers!) but regardless, I am so glad you are here and no matter how you are feeling about being the parent of a SENIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL, I am here for you! 


Now I don't actually have teens of my own yet (I have a daughter that is 11, going on 18, and a wild little 7 year old son as well... lets just say my husband and I have our work cut out! But aren't they so dang cute?? If you are lucky, you may just see them if we meet for coffee or in the background, jumping on the bed in nothing but underwear while we are on a zoom call...) but I do happen to really love these teenage years. Maybe its because in the past I have always gotten to send them back home to their parents, but I have loved investing my time in supporting teens in my life.  I love being able to connect, better understand what they are all about and what they dream to be, and then creating space for them to better understand how amazing they are. 


to know about Larissa

I have been a middle and high school teacher for the last 10+ years. My greatest strength has been building relationships with my students.

My photography journey has been going for about 10 years with the last 5 or so being focused on capturing seniors and their families. 

My family is so important to me and such a big part of my business. I am excited for you to get to interact with them at some point along the way.

And that brings me to what I really do here: I am here to support you all as a family  as you navigate senior year. I am here for you as you try to figure out the ins and outs of senior portraits and what this process is like.  I am also here for your senior as they try to think about what's important to showcase in their photos and I want to make sure they love their images and feel like the best version of themselves in the photos. Even if your senior is maybe less than excited about all this, I can help with all that so that its their true personality that shines through. I will also be there when you get to see the images for the first time and while you dab at your misty eyes (no judgement on that one, I am a total cryer! I will probably cry with you!), we will be able to honor and celebrate your amazing kid. We can go over some really stunning products that I can design for you to showcase these images we create. I know you are busy and so I am excited to help you be able to spend more time with your senior before they head off to college and I will create some custom art work and hand deliver it so you can enjoy that beautiful face every day in your home. 


Obviously if you are ready to do this thing, let's get your session booked! Click on this button to fill out my contact form and I will be in touch! 

Are you interested in seeing more about these beautiful products I keep talking about? This button will magically transport you to the Products page! 

Or, if you want to read more about this Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience, you can click on this button to check things out! 

Would you like to see more behind the scenes of what a session looks like or how to plan one? My blog has lots of great posts that might help! Click here to check that out. 

I am so excited to connect more and to create these images together! 

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