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Senior Year
is here!

Your SENIOR deserves the Ultimate Senior PORTRAIT Experience!

If your senior hears only one thing from me, I hope they walk away from our time together knowing that this world needs them to be brave enough to be their authentic self! A Senior Portrait Session is the perfect time to step away from any pressure to fit in and instead design the session to stand out! Its all about honoring and celebrating your senior and all they dream to be in a session that showcases their passions and personalities and I will be there with you every step of the way so that all these ideas become a reality. I have created the Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience that is specifically designed to help us plan out a session that is low stress, confidence boosting, and a highlight of senior year. 


"Larissa helped to make the whole process from start to finish a beautiful and engaging experience.  Her attention to her client and the  details incorporated in the session made for a very natural and beautiful experience."



The Process


Fill out the contact form to get more information including my Senior Brochure. From there you can select a session type. 


After you have booked your session, fill out the questionnaire so we have all the details to plan your session.


This is the fun part! We will go out and create images that show off all the sides of who your senior is.


We will get back to together after the session to view your images and decide the best way to showcase your favorites. 

"Seeing the slide show at the reveal was definitely the best part. It was the coolest feeling in the world to feel the overwhelming love I was receiving from the people I love the most. The pictures could not have turned out better."



"Larissa’s personality won us over. Then to see the creative ways she showcases each senior was a bonus. Larissa was with us at every stage from offering helpful advice selecting outfits to personally delivering our photos.


Larissa didn’t make us feel like this was simply a photo session or a shoot. She took the time to get to know our senior and listened to her interests and dreams. Larissa didn’t just take senior photos she captured images that tell a story. "

-Della, Hayden's Mom


Session Investment

My Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience is one that makes sure that you and your family have images that are full of personality and the option to print your images in a way that allows you to display your images in your home. But I also know that in this day and age, digital images are so important. So not only does this experience honor and celebrate your senior but it also includes help in deciding what prints, products, and digital images are needed for your family to be able to enjoy this milestone for decades. 

A Life-giving 


It's more than just pictures - its creating the space to let your kid know just how amazing they are in a confidence boosting way.

 images full of 


The process ensures that your senior is honored and celebrated for being the best version of themselves and images that are SO THEM!

CUstom heirloom products

But as I always say, these images deserve to be printed so you also have the chance to purchase heirloom products. 

The cost for the Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience varies depending on the products and images that each family decides to purchase. To book the session, there is a non-refundable retainer of $350 which will secure your date on the calendar and covers the time to plan and photograph your session. Additionally, families will decide to create products with me to showcase their images and traditionally spend between $1200-$3200 on these heirloom products. CLICK HERE to check out some of my products that I offer.

Your images need to be printed!


"This is the perfect experience to make the most of senior year! It is so worth it. Larissa is just amazing to work with since she creates a loving and positive environment."



"Larissa's kind spirit and love for the process was evident! I knew she was there to really help us capture my sons beautiful personality!


We had the BEST time ever!! Larissa allowed the whole family to be part of this very special process. We laughed and cried and shared this special time together as a family... what a special moment Larissa made for us! "

-Norma, Daniel's Mom


A Note from Larissa

So let me just say I am super pumped that you are here! For one, that means that you have found yourself staring your senior year full in the face and I know there are a lot of emotions that come along with that but I hope one of them is just a ton of immense pride that you made it this far! I hope that is also mixed with some serious excitement because senior year can be one of the best times in life! I am honored that I get to be a part of senior year for the most incredible seniors in Northern Colorado and I really do not take that lightly at all. I am dedicated to capturing all the amazingness that you are in your senior portrait images. That means that I will be there every step of the way to help you plan out the coolest location, select the best looks, and to have the most incredible experience during your senior session. With me, it's not just about getting a pretty picture in the yearbook-- its about so much more! You only get to be a senior once and capturing all that you have accomplished and the amazing person you are growing into should be reflected in your senior portrait images.


So its important to know that I am a teacher because being a part of teenagers' lives is what I am all about. Getting to know the students around me is something that I love to do and it just fuels me. Running into a client who I haven't seen since her senior session is seriously so much fun and I love that quick hug and catch up or meeting for coffee to really dive into what has been going on. Being able to get to know my clients is such a blessing and it only helps me make their senior portrait session that much better!

One of my favorite parts of a senior session is that moment when my client realizes that she is totally capable of just rocking it in front of the camera. The awkwardness fades, the comfort sets in, and this gorgeous confidence just takes over. The images we are able to create together are so amazing when I know a little bit more about what makes you tick and we just go out and have an incredible time capturing YOU!

                                            When I am not at school or out capturing some gorgeous senior, I am with my husband Eric and two little kiddos, Quinnley and Camden. More often

then not we are out as family at some sporting event or playing outside.

I really feel like this is such an amazing blessing to do what I do and

I hope I get to work with you to create some gorgeous artistic senior

portraits together! Lets plan out the most amazing session and make

sure your senior portrait experience is one you will never forget!

Let's do this, Gorgeous!

                                                      -- Larissa

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