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Beyoutifully Created

I am just overwhelmed with the fact that teens and preteens today are constantly getting the message that they are too much of one thing, or not enough of another, or just missing the mark on perfection. Those of us who know and love them try to help them see how we see them and more importantly how the Lord sees them but sometimes I feel like my words get drowned out in all the noise around them. In order to keep this positive voice playing in their heads, I am looking to offer a confidence boosting, high end photography experience to teens and preteens, ages 10-15. I think this experience will lend more towards young ladies as most boys I know would rather do just about anything else other than having their photo taken but its open to anyone in that age range. Some boys would really benefit from this experience and I would love to work with them too!


The main focus will be to create the opportunity to increase the students confidence in who they were created to be through the process of creating beautiful images with me in an indoor setting as well as pairing those images with the heartfelt words from teachers, parents, coaches, and other important people in their lives. The final product will be a combination of powerful quotes from loved ones alongside their images in a couple different product offerings. I just really want to provide the space for the teen/preteen to see how beautiful and amazing we think they are and to encourage the amazing things we see in them.


The BIG idea:

Documenting the teen years tends to be done on cell phones or athletic group photoshoots and I feel like we are missing out on a opportunity to not only showcase all that these teens are but also help them see what we all see in them. There are so many voices trying to gain purchase in defining them and I want to partner with the most important people in their lives to speak truth in who we recognize these teens to be. I want to offer you the opportunity to partner together to showcase the amazingness of your teen and to speak into their lives in a way that will not only boost their confidence but help them to better understand how perfectly they were created. I want to create an experience that will allow for the teens to look and feel beautiful and to realize they are perfect just the way they are! As a mother and a teacher of teens, I recognize the opportunity we can create to allow for positive reinforcement and confidence building that can be done when we speak life and truth and pair that with gorgeous images we can create together. The outcome could be life changing!


The Details:

This project will combine a 1 hour indoor photo session that will aim to showcase some of the main personality traits and passions/hobbies for your child. This fun, laid back session is a great way to capture some honest and authentic images that showcase them. This session will be partnered with some words from the most important people in the childs life and once these words and images meet, the final product will be one that is designed to help the teen see all the beauty and amazingness that we see when we look at them. This exclusive photography project could be the most influential part of middle school as we together create the opportunity for a confidence boosting and life changing opportunity.


After the photosession, you and your child will be able to come view the final images and to select the best products to showcase them. Having a book of the images paired with some of the most powerful words spoken about them will be one of the exclusive products offered for this session. This will be a great opportunity to get some updated artwork for the wall and to make sure these cherished images that you love are on display. There is no obligation to purchase anything from the session but most people will decide to spend $600 or more. This opportunity will be perfect to gift to your child for any celebration or just because and the products will come just in time for the perfect mother’s day gifts. I truly believe the experience is worth the investment and the products are just icing on the cake.


How to Book:

This exclusive photography project has limited availability and spots will fill up fast. In order to book a spot for your child, please contact me using the from below. An agreement will need to be signed and a $100 retainer will need to be paid. This fee is used to book your date but will be applied as a print credit or can be refunded after the session if no purchase is made. Contact me today to secure your spot.

If you are interested in having your child participate in this opportunity, please fill out the form below!

I will be in contact within a couple days and let you know what the next steps are! Thank you so much for your interest!

You did it! Thanks for applying! I will be in touch with you soon! be

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