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5 Reasons to Choose ME as Your Senior Photographer!

I am so stinking bless to be able to teach and to be a senior photographer. It's quite a bit of work on my plate and it is tricky to balance it all with my family and friends as well but I find myself just so thankful that I get to call all these passions mine.

One thing that I do run into sometimes is maybe some confusion about who I am. Am I a teacher or a photographer? Which is my career and which is my side hustle? Does that impact my ability to do either career well? I would love to share my thoughts on this with you!

So first of all, I am both a teacher and photographer, equally. I am passionate about both, I am gifted in both, and truthfully they go together amazingly! At this point in my career, I don't feel that either is a side hustle, they just both work around each other and with each other to help me be even more successful. And to help show this a little more, let me share with you the top 5 reasons why this Hybrid-Teacher-and-Photographer thing I have going actually makes me the best choice for you and your senior!

Reason #5: My Schedule

Now people always says that the work schedule of a teacher has its perks, and it really is true. I am off on holidays and have a fall, winter, and spring break. I am also off for 10 weeks in the summer as well as every weekend and many evenings. Occasionally there is something that comes up that requires me to be at school later in the evening but usually not. This allows for me to be home with my family as well as find time I am available during the prime sunlight that we see here in Colorado about and hour or so before sunset. I love that my schedule allows for me to be available to harness that dreamy, golden sun light for kick butt senior sessions!

Reason #4: I am a part of their world!

I used to say that being the young teacher has its advantages but now that I am a mom of two and in my 30's, I am finding that I am not really the young teacher anymore! But, I do get to hear about whats going on in their world, what they are watching on Netflix or listening to on Spotify or what clothes they are more excited about. I am able to know at least some things in their world and it helps me to know them and connect with them both in the classroom as well as when we are out creating some incredible images together! There is magic that happens when my students know me and trust me. I am able to build that with my students and then when they are in front of my camera, its so fun! But even with the seniors that I get to meet for the first time, I am able to quickly build a rapport and a relationship with them and it really sets me apart from many other photographers!

Reason #3: I am invested in this age group!

I have worked with teenagers since I was one of them myself. I knew I was going to be a teacher from the time I was pretty little and I always loved coaching and teaching them. I have been blessed to work with teens as a fitness instructor, camp counselor, softball coach, and obviously teacher and photographer. For the past 20 years I have been blessed to know, pour into, raise up, coach, and love hundreds and hundreds of teens. Every opportunity has just solidified that these teens are totally my jam and that I am so blessed to be able to have them in my life!

Reason #2: I am able to interact with students and parents well!

Now, a lot of what I offer has to do with the teen but being a teacher has allowed me to get pretty dang good at partnering with parents as well. Parent-Teacher Conferences can be a bit exhausting but a lot of that has to do with how excited I am to better know the family of my students and to problem solve and celebrate as needed. As a parent of a senior, I can only image all emotions that senior year and graduation can bring up. You have worked so hard to get your student to the point that they are - you have raised them to work hard, to dream big, to never give up, to be true to themselves, and to be the best version of themselves as they can. I love being able to come alongside parents like you in order to create a space for those who know these seniors best to be able to speak into their lives. These life giving words can really help build up the senior, give them a confidence boost, help remind them how incredible they are. Every senior deserves the chance to look their best in their senior pictures but I am also very passionate about helping them better understand and appreciate how incredible they are from the inside out and how capable they are to make this world a better place.

Reason #1: They are comfortable around me!

I already hinted at this in reason 4 above but its worth mentioning again - my seniors and students are able to be so comfortable in front of my camera and a lot of it has to do the skills I have developed over the last 8 years as a photographer and teacher. I have designed my 3 step senior process to be simple but also efficient in putting the senior at ease. The photo session itself is laid back, silly sometimes, full of encouragement, and really allows for the senior's natural beauty and personality to shine. And when these students have also been able to know me as a teacher or we are able to connect quickly at our consultation, they know that I am someone who is for them, who wants nothing but the best for them, and they know that I will do whatever I can to make sure their experience is amazing. There is no doubt that the fun atmosphere and positive vibes make for some incredible images that we will create together!

I LOVE that I get to work with the most amazing families and seniors that just blow me away. God always seems to bring me the most fierce, loyal, kind, intelligent, world changing, beautiful, strong seniors. I can't wait to continue to work with Northern Colorado's best! If you are wanting to talk more about this three step process, what products I can customize for you, or more about this incredible experience that only I can offer your senior, CLICK HERE to get back to my website so you can contact me. Can't wait to chat more here soon!


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