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I think I speak for all of us in just summarizing these last couple weeks as the weirdest whirlwind of events. There is a lot of emotions and so much unknown. For me, one of the trickiest parts is having so much out of my control as well as just not knowing what the timeline really looks like.

I can imagine that my seniors and their families must feel all this so much more magnified. Senior year has not gone to plan here this last semester and many of the things we thought would be for sure such as prom and graduation and grad parties are just up in the air.

One thing I am certain of, however, is that these seniors need to be celebrated!

One of the best ways to share this time with family and friends is to send graduation announcements. Not only does this keep everyone in the loop but it really is a refreshing and uplifting feeling to see these images in the mail. I firmly believe that you can be spreading joy and good by sending these announcements out and I really do not think its something we should skip in this time of unknown.

So, the big question really is: What the heck do I put on the grad cards if I don't know what will happen with graduation ceremonies or parties??

Don't worry - I have some solutions for you!

Option 1: Add future plans instead of dates and times

So in place of the information for the time and date and location of either the ceremony or the graduation party, lets let everyone in on the big plans that your senior has for next year. This could include where they want to study, what they plan to do in a gap year, what job they are going to take on, or what passions they are going to pursue. This is a great way to celebrate these ambitions and let family and friends know so they can be a support system in the transition.

grad announcements with future plans

Option 2: Talk about highlights of high school

Another thought is to include some of the best memories or accomplishments that your senior was a part of during high school or senior year specifically. These can celebrate their academic, athletic, or extra curricular accomplishments so that others can be in the know. Its a great way to personalize these grad cards and set your seniors apart from others.

grad announcement with high school highlights

Option 3: Add a meaningful quote

This option is another way to really add a personal touch to the announcement. As a family you can decide on a quote that really represents what your senior is all about and add that to your card. This could be something that has always described your senior, or a bible verse that has really stuck out to you as your senior has continued on their walk, or could be a fun way to splash some humor on the card. Its a great way to fill space on the card and add meaning.

grad announcement with quote

Option 4: No added content

If all else fails, you can always design your grad card to showcase more images and less words. In your design, you can simply remove any date or time information and simply showcase the seniors name, graduation year, and stunning portraits. This is a great solution that shows us that sometimes the simple answer is the best one.

grad announcement with no content

Again, its my hope that these crazy times do not prevent you from honoring and celebrating your senior and sharing this with your family and friends.

Especially with everyone not traveling much, brightening their day with a gift in the mailbox could be just what your friends and family need!

If you are ready to design your cards or are interested in purchasing graduation announcements, please let me know ASAP. Printing times are being impacted and we will want to give them as much time as we can so these announcements are sent out in a timely manner.

I would love to chat more with you and answer any additional questions that come up. Feel free to email me at hello@larissaelizabeth.com and we can chat more!



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