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Loveland Colorado Senior Photographer | A Mother's View of LEP - Grace's Mom

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

You might have seen Grace's Senior Session Blog post here recently (and if you missed it, click here to go check it out!). I wanted to share a little from Grace's mom Sara. I love hearing about how seniors are positively impacted by their experience with me. Its my goal that each senior feel honored and celebrated for exactly who they are but when their mom sees the positive things that come from our time together, I am so honored to be able to do this!


Why did you choose Larissa Elizabeth Photography for your senior’s portraits?

It was my daughters choice. She felt comfortable & liked Larissa’s portfolio.

I hear this a lot - many of my seniors catch wind of me first and then show my images to their parents. What I really love about what Sara said, though, is that Grace already felt comfortable with me. It really does make a huge difference when my seniors just feel at ease around me and my demeanor and my process really helps all my seniors feel that way. My Senior VIP Team gets this even more so and is a huge perk to being a part of the crew. We meet and hang out and even do photo shoots before the big individual senior shoot so its really a breeze and an enjoyable experience.


What was a highlight of the experience?

Watching Grace watch her senior video.

This is a highlight for me too as we get to not only see the gorgeous images from the session but we also get to read words from the most important people in the seniors life. For Grace, this included her parents and her best friend as well as her cheer coaches and her boyfriend. There were so many sweet words and just an incredible opportunity to speak to who Grace is and how amazing she is. Its an incredible chance to remind the senior of all they have to offer the world and is really a confidence boosting experience.


How did you see your senior be impacted by working with Larissa?

The atmosphere so was positive & encouraging & she felt like she had a team working with her to create her special moment.

It really is a positive experience and my team is amazing. It takes coordination between me and the senior, their parents, as well as my makeup artist Brooke and any people we interact with out at our locations. It takes a village, people! But it is so amazing when it all comes together and because we do a consultation and plan things out prior to the day of the session, its isn't a hassle or stressful. We all do our part and it all works out amazing. Even when things do not go exactly to plan, we have all our bases covered and can change on the fly as needed.


How does having your images printed and displayed around your home impact you?

I love pictures & I know the story behind each one. Can’t help but smile when I see them!

There really is something about seeing these images displayed in your home everyday. This milestone is one that really needs to be showcased and honored and I love that my seniors and their families walk away from our time together with gorgeous products that not only fit their needs but are seen everyday for decades!


If another mom asked you if they should work with Larissa Elizabeth Photography for their senior’s portraits, what would you say to them?

Larissa will help your senior find their vision. She makes the experience all about them & that’s how it should be.

I totally agree with Sarah on this thought as well - it is all about you as a senior and as a family! I want this experience to capture and honor all that your senior is and I want you to feel like you invested your money wisely! I want you to love your images and your experience and I want your senior to walk away more confident in who they are!

If you are interested in hearing more about my process and what it is like to work together for your seniors' session, head over to my website to check it all out. If you would like to connect, fill out the contact form below. I look forward to chatting and creating an incredible, life giving experience for your senior!


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