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Northern Colorado Senior Photographer | Reasons to Book a Summer Senior Session

You might be thinking to yourself, that it's only spring of Junior year (and probably still have snow in the forecast...) and that the to do list is already pretty long. However there are many reasons to book your session now. Senior year may seem pretty far off but we both know with how fast time moves and that it will be here before we know it. So let me share some pretty images and some pretty good reasons for why you should jump on it and book that senior session TODAY.

1. Combat Procrastination: Maybe you are like me and often say the words "Oh yeah, I will do that in just a second/tomorrow/soon." And maybe you are also like me and just never seem to follow through. It's really not on purpose - life just happens! So for anyone like me who knows that fall seems so far away but tends to sneak up quickly, you can book your senior session ahead of the deadlines and feel confident knowing that you have one item to check off your to do list.

2. Timing: Along similar lines, maybe your schedule is a little like mine and opens up more in the summer. These days, teens (and consequently their families) have jam packed schedules but summer can be much more open for sessions. Without school and fall sports, it may be easier to squeeze in an afternoon/evening to capture your senior.

3. Summertime skin: This one is a bit more vain but nonetheless important. Summer not only gives us a golden, glowing tan but it also is a great time before stress and sports and other factors can cause blemishes on skin. Show off that best version of your teen during a summer session.

4. Perfect locations: Summertime is the perfect time for green grass, pretty trees, amazing golden evening light, blooming flowers, flowing rivers... all the elements of amazing natural backdrops to a senior session. Water can be the perfect ending to the session and summer lends perfectly to this brave trend.

5. Set the trend: Be one of the first to get your session photographed and have way more time to share on social media. This way you can snag the best ideas, looks, and spots and not feel like you are copying anyone else.

6. Summer fashion: Summertime looks are fun, youthful, and often timeless. It allows for more casual looks like denim shorts and a flow-y blouse as well as that perfect floral sun dress for a fancier look. Summer accessories like wide brimmed hats, strap-y sandals, and cute sunglasses can add the perfect vibe to a senior session. Fall looks can also be added to give you more variety. Summer session provide a fun a carefree vibe that may be perfect for your senior session.

So not only does timing and weather and fashion play a role but booking early can just be a great way to ensure that you are on your favorite photographers calendar before they book up. If I am that photographer, you are in luck because my summer calendar is now open! Click here to fill out the contact form to snag your senior session!!


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