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Iain's Multi-faceted Senior Pictures in Loveland CO | Larissa Elizabeth Photography

Iain's senior pictures in downtown Loveland Colorado really highlighted so many sides of him. I was so blessed to see this family again after capturing their oldest's (Emma) senior pictures a couple of years ago. Her session was so diverse and well rounded and we had such a blast creating those images. It was fun to get to know Iain and the things that he is passionate about.

I loved that Iain wanted to incorporate many different diverse looks and facets to who he is. I know I say that a lot around here but I really do think our seniors are not just one or two things. They have so many strengths and passions and senior portraits really are the perfect time to capture those and showcase them in these precious memories.

For Iain's first look, he wanted to incorporate a suit that he purchased on a past visit to Europe. Not only was it a fun way to incorporate those past travels but also his love of dressing up for events at school. We matched that look with an urban background in downtown Loveland and I love how these captured a suave side of Iain!

Dressed up Senior Pictures in Downtown Loveland

Next, we did a quick change to be able to capture Iain's love for soccer. He made it even more authentic with some skinned knees from his most recent match. So dedicated to making these senior images really awesome ;)

Soccer guy senior pictures in Loveland Colorado

For another side of Iain, we decided to head up into the mountains to one of Iain's favorite places, Pinewood Reservoir. The spot was gorgeous and everything that is Colorado! For Iain's first look there he really rocked the pink!

Outdoor Senior Guy Session In Colorado Mountains

Iain also has a rustic, country side to him and it was fun to hear him talk about 4-h and his fun experiences he had growing up within that community. Its amazing how jeans, boots, and a hat can really change up the whole look even at the same location.

Guy senior pictures with a country vibe in Loveland Colorado

And as a finale to Iain's session, it was important to pay tribute to his Scottish heritage. Yep, that's right. Iain has not only been able to travel over to visit Scotland, but he was able to buy his own Scottish kilt. And that might be Scottish enough for you but Iain brings it to another level with his bagpipe playing skills. Yep, you read that right. And you better believe that Iain serenaded the hikers around us with an amazing song as we wrapped up his session. It really was an epic way to honor and celebrate all that Iain is!

Senior pictures in Loveland Colorado with kilt and bagpipes

This session was nothing short of epic. But that really is because it was all about highlighting the things that Iain is passionate about. It was personal and unique and honoring to who he is. That is so worth celebrating!

I am so excited to meet these soon-to-be-seniors and capture all the things that make them unique. Being able to provide this Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience is such an honor! If you are interested, you can click here to learn more about that or you can click here to learn more about me and why I do this whole senior photographer thing. But if you are ready to book your senior session, you can head straight to my contact form to get things started. I cannot wait to connect and learn more about your senior so we can honor and celebrate all that they are and encourage them to always be themselves. BOLDLY!


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