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Alyvia's Sweet Senior Pictures in Loveland Colorado | Larissa Elizabeth Photography

Alyvia was such a DREAM to work with and creating these images was so easy-breezy. After planning out the details at our consult, I knew that capturing her sweet spirit was important. Sometimes senior sessions include mom and sometimes dad, even a sister or bestfriend (sometimes it includes e. all of the above!) but for Alyvia's session, it was just her and I and that really was a treat. Her and I got to chat and connect and the vibe was peaceful, calm, focused, and fun. It certainly helped that Alyvia was so good, even from the get go, at just being herself in front of the camera.

In order to capture all that Alyvia is, we started out at her high school track so we could capture a sport that really taught her perseverance, strength, and that she can do hard things. I love how sports help us better understand ourselves and teach us how to overcome. Capturing that for Alyvia was important and a great highlight of her shoot.

Senior Pictures in Loveland Colorado highlighting track and field

Aren't those purple shoes just so fun?? Sometimes its all about those little details!

For our next look we drove into downtown Loveland to capture an urban vibe. Alyvia paired the location with a great pair of jeans and pink blouse and the outcome was so sweet and perfect. We had a blast walking around and capturing these fun images.

Loveland Colorado Urban Senior Pictures

For some added color, Alyvia did a quick change of clothes to this cute yellow top and paper-bag shorts. It was a fun splash of sunshine in her session.

After another change in outfit, we headed up to the top of the parking garage. Alyvia switched things up to include a skirt and tank top with a denim jacket. We had fun using that jacket as a bit of a prop and I love how it changes the look with just one item of clothing. That's certainly something to take away for those of you thinking of your own senior session. Sometimes a jack, hat, scarf, shoe, or other accessory can really change up the vibe of an outfit and add variety to your session.

Senior Pictures in Loveland Colorado on rooftop of parking garage

For our session finale, Alyvia really wanted to capture some images at sunset. It was her dad's only request of what he wanted from the session so it was important to make that happen. We were able to head over to a great natural location in Loveland and Alyvia changed into a great white sun dress. With a great hat and some flowers, we were able to capture some really sweet images as the sun began to set. The colors we got that evening were spectacular!

Natural Senior Pictures in Loveland Colorado in June

This session all came together so perfectly! One thing that I do want to highlight is that Alyvia's session was in June. June really is one of the best times for senior sessions but sometimes it gets overlooked. While August and September tend to be the most popular months for sessions, June has some advantages over them. For one, it tends to be nice and green and not quite as hot as July and August. June is also known for wildflowers up in the high country as well as spots around town. Also, I don't know about your family schedule but around here, August means back to school and back to that busy daily schedule. June has quieter days and more openings without school, sports, and all the things on the to do list. Many have said that June feels "too early" but I really think it might be a sweet spot for senior portraits.

I cannot wait to chat more with you about your senior session. Maybe this question about when is the best time to do them keeps making you wondering or maybe you have other questions about the process or how to decide what to wear or where to go keep coming to mind. One of my favorite parts of my Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience (click there to check it out more!) is that I am there every step of the way to help. I would love to start that conversation with you today and just begin to generate some ideas and figure out how best to honor and celebrate your kiddo. You can reach out on my website via my contact page. I can't wait to connect more here soon!


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