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Berthoud CO Senior Photographer | Julianne's Perfect Summer Senior Session - Class of 2020, BHS

I was trying to come up with the perfect, short description for Julianne's session but it kept taking too many adjectives - this session is sporty but also girly, fun but also sassy, its urban but also natural. It really has so many different facets, just like Julianne. We were able to showcase so many different sides of who she is and what she is all about.

And this is a passion of mine and something I want to do with each and every one of my seniors. Each one is so unique and their session should reflect that. We obviously want to create beautiful images but senior portraits should be more than that. They should showcase all the sides of the senior, they should honor and celebrate all that they are, and they should be a really fun time!

easy breezy senior girl

For her first location, we were able to capture some more urban inspired images. We played around in back alleys and in a parking garage and it was fun add some personality to the terrain. Staircases and brick walls add a really fun backdrop to cute outfits. Urban settings are a really great addition to any session - they can do done is so many different ways and even the same exact locations can look totally different with a new outfit or vibe.

After we captured these downtown, we switched things up for a more natural feel. We did a quick pit stop for some wild sunflowers before heading to a local wedding venue. Brookside Gardens is just that - a gorgeous, well kept garden that was a perfect backdrop for a more girly vibe. Julianne rocked an adorable white dress as well as super cute overalls to add to her outfits.

wild sunflower senior session

To wrap up our session, we knew we had to showcase Julianne's passion for running. She quickly fell in love and participated in cross country and track in high school and committed to run in college as well. We couldn't ignore this passion in her session since it such a big part of who she is. We highlighted her running shoes, her letterman jacket, and even the cutest dang pony tail all at her high school track.

Berthoud Cross Country Senior

I am so thankful that we were able to plan out a session that really did capture all the different facets of who Julianne is. She is kind, fun, loyal, passionate, loving- and obviously beautiful, both inside and out. I am so blessed to know her and so blessed to be able to capture these images with her!

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