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Brynlee's Colorado Mountain Senior Pictures | Larissa Elizabeth Photography

Oh man, this girl! If you have ever had a chance to meet Brynlee, you know she is kind and sweet, intelligent and so hard working, and also silly and such a goof in the best way. It was important to me to capture all these sides of her for her senior portrait session. We had planned out a great session in the Colorado mountains only to be challenged by one thing after another that just seemed to derail our big plans. Between the traffic trying to get up to the mountains, the construction at our ideal spot, the outfit improvising that was needed on the fly, as well as the wind that kept gusting, it seemed like maybe this session was doomed.

But with some perseverance, some flexibility, teamwork, and a positive attitude, we were able to create some really gorgeous images and ones that capture all the different sides of this kick butt lady!

To start, Brynlee rocked this sunny, yellow dress and I love how it worked with all the green around her. We even found some wildflowers that went perfectly with the whole look.

Colorado Mountain Senior Pictures with Wildflowers

And how fun is this heart chair??! They loaded it into the back of their jeep and brought it with them. It was fun to use in different ways especially in a natural setting when seating options are limited.

One of the questions on the questionnaire that I give to my seniors is "What things would your friends say remind them of you?" I love reading the answers that I get and seeing if we can't work some of it into their session. Sometimes the answer is a color or an article of clothing which is pretty easy to add in. Sometimes its a movie or a song and that doesn't always transfer to a picture well. But for Bryn, it was pineapple and I knew we could do something with that!

Behold: The Queen of the Pineapple!

Playful senior pictures in Loveland Colorado

How adorable is she????

We did a quick change of clothes to capture some of the mountains. I am loving this more casual dress option with these amazing combat boots!

Senior Pictures in the Rocky Mountains

I had to share a couple of these as black and white images because I really love how they show off that wind in the hair and add a little drama. I do have to give a big shout out to Bryn's dad who was my lighting master! He was really working my reflector which was quite the challenge as the sun kept coming out and then going behind clouds and then coming out again. It was a little tricky and I could not have captured these images without him!

We headed down the road a little bit to this great stream and had some fun with the heart chair again. But for this look, Brynlee wore jeans for a casual vibe and so we could sit in the chair a little differently. It was such a fun prop to use!

Colorado senior pictures in Rocky Mountain National Park

Another fun fact about Brynlee is that she is a part of a Jeep family. So of course we had to show off her ride with the pine trees and mountain scene behind her.

Colorado senior pictures with jeep

We did another quick change to dress up her jeans a little and with a killer shoe, Brynlee is really showing how you can make a look with jeans just a little more edgy.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Senior Pictures

We also knew that we couldn't possibly do a photo shoot that is supposed to capture who Brynn is without showcasing dance. And so we of course had to put on some pointe shoes and a perfect dance look to show off a little in the mountains. I love how her graceful poses are just enhanced by the mountain vibe all around her. (And peep the photo bombing wildlife if you can!)

It really was a great session and we were able to do so much even though we had to push through when it felt like so many things were going wrong. When you see the images, you really cannot even tell because Brynlee really did an amazing job staying positive and doing her best with what we had. Plus, Brynlee's mom and dad were working so hard behind the scenes to make this all come together and with images like these, its clear that the team effort really paid off!

We are already planning a spring session to highlight Brynlee's dance and I am so dang excited for that. Stay tuned for those images. If you are not yet following me on Instagram, come check things out there as I am always posting new stuff. If you are looking for more information about my Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience, you can click on over to my website to poke around and check things out there and if you are ready to chat more and book your senior session, click here to get to my contact form to reach out. I can't wait to chat more here soon!


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